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Serving small and large customers alike, HP Materials Solutions, Inc offers a wide range of
quality elements and fuel cell components.  

Graphite Foil: Graphite foil is an excellent sealing material for high temperature, high-pressure
transfer of liquids, gases, steam, chemicals and corrosives. It can be used in high temperature
applications and have a special electrical and thermal conductivity.
Our high quality graphite foil
products include:

- High purity graphite foil
- Homogeneous graphite foil rolls
- Homogeneous graphite foil sheets
- Laminated pure graphite foil sheets
- Graphite foil sheets reinforced with flat or perforated stainless steel    

Activated Carbon Fiber & Activated Carbon Felt: Excellent functional adsorbent
material due to its high porosity and large suffice area, and can be made into many different
patterns such as felt, silk, cloth and other fabric. Many applications including environmental
(carbon fiber filters for air purification and water treatment), chemical (recovery of organic
solvents and compounds), medical (treat overdosing and poisoning), and military defense (gas
masks and fire-resistant clothing).  

Carbon and Graphite Felt: PAN Based and Rayon Based needle-punched felt construction.
Designed for use as high temperature insulation in resistance or induction heated vacuum
furnaces and inert gas furnaces. High carbon content and low thermal conductivity.

Composite Rigid Felt Sandwich Boards and Shapes:
Manufactured with multi-layered, rigidized carbon or graphite felt. Graphite foil can be bonded to
one or both faces. Excellent furnace efficiency and uniformity. Great pump-down capability.
Easily shaped and installed.

Graphite Flake and Powder: For refractory materials, coatings, lubricants, fuel cell,
batteries, powder metallurgy, carbon brushes, pencil production and graphite electrodes

- High purity flake graphite and powder
- High carbon flake graphite and powder
- Medium carbon flake graphite and powder
- Low carbon flake graphite and carbon
- High purity spherical graphite for Li-batteries and fuel cell

Expandable Graphite: Expansion volume up to 400 times of its original volume. Our
expandable graphite is an ideal material for graphite foil manufacturing, fire retardant additive in
plastics, fire retardant foams for insulation, as well as bipolar plates in fuel cell applications.

Graphite Yarn: Made of expandable graphite, excellent for packing and sealing applications.

What we stand for
Our Commitment : HPMS is committed to providing our valued customers with the highest
quality graphite based materials at the best possible prices. Our ultimate goal is to be our
customer's only confident choice for their needs on graphite based materials.

Customer Service : We pride ourselves on prompt responses, personal attention and
integrity. It is our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and make every customer contact

Material Specialists : Do you have questions in selection of the correct materials for your
products or processes? Or do you want to improve your products? We have extensive
engineering experience and expert materials know-how and we are here to help you make the
right decisions.

So, please pick up the phone, send us an e-mail or fill out the form on the
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Technical Support page.  We will gladly provide you with quotes or engineering solutions for
your materials problems.
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